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Making Flying Better

It's our business to make the flying experience easier and more informed. From preflight planning through arrival, insights powered by our data make each flight as seamless as possible. 

Apart from having unparalleled surface visualizations, weather forecasts, and flight history reports, aircraft owners and operators also get the information needed to stay synced with the people who matter. With partners like ForeFlight and FlightBridge, we integrate into the systems you already use, infusing them with the most complete data and predictive insights in the aviation industry.

Synchronize Your Plans

A successful flight is a team effort. FlightAware removes barriers to effective communication within various teams and entities that need to know plan details and how they're changing in real-time. 

No need to alert your FBO and five different parties about a takeoff delay, it's an automated process.


Global Situational Awareness

With the advanced surface situational awareness accompanied by our airborne flight tracking, customers of FlightAware Global get the complete picture of their flight from the moment it powers on to when it parks at its final destination. If flying in areas of lower terrestrial coverage, Aireon's Space-based ADS-B completes the picture. 

When FlightAware detects ground positions for your aircraft (either taxiing for takeoff or to park) you can watch a live surface stream directly on your aircraft's flight page. You will also be able to see other planes taxiing, taking off, and landing.


 Jet Linx Logo  Testimonial

Hear from Jet Linx on how they turned to FlightAware to increase their flight coordination efficiency by eliminating repetitive tasks, increasing flight situational awareness, and instantly communicate any changes to applicable parties.

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