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Beyond Breaking Even

How do airlines recover from the global pandemic? The answer lies in creating new and deep-rooted efficiencies driven by trusted data that proves to shareholders and passengers every resource is allocated in the smartest way possible. As global flight traffic bounces back, airlines making smarter ground handling and gate allocations powered by predictive AI-driven outcomes will be leading the recovery. 

Trusted Real-time ETAs

FlightAware offers the most accurate estimated in (EIN) or landing (ELDT) times in the industry allowing airlines to make accurate predictions about what is going to happen downstream. FlightAware’s machine learning algorithm blends years of historical data with real-time status on aircraft positions, traffic, and weather affecting the flight to predict -- hours in advance -- when the aircraft will arrive at the gate.

Whether at a hub or non-hub airport, these estimates enable tight turnarounds, better on-time departures, and fewer delays which ultimately improve Net Promoter Scores and enhances the airline's brand. Eliminate guesswork and inject AI-driven intelligence into your operations today.

Watch the webinar on our predictive tech or learn more about Firehose the complete global flight data feed including historical and predictive insights. 


United Airlines Partnership

United Airlines trusts FlightAware to augment its decision-making toolset.

"It is more important than ever that United operates at the highest levels of efficiency to ensure our customers have a seamless travel experience. By leveraging data from FlightAware, we are further able to accurately time our operations to provide reliable service and minimize any disruptions to our schedule."

David Kensick,
Managing Director of Network Operations Control
United Airlines
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Real Global Coverage

Whether flying over the world's oceans, the north or the south pole, you're under FlightAware coverage. Complementing our vast terrestrial ADS-B network is enhanced satellite coverage by our partner, Aireon utilizing their 66 space-based ADS-B constellations.

With 4D position information reported at a standard interval of at least once per minute, FlightAware exceeds GADSS requirements for airlines and aircraft operators all over the world. Learn more about Global Beacon.


Connected Airline Solutions 

Webinar: Learn about Hermes™, the Collins Aerospace Enterprise Fleet Management Solution, which enables the complete management of airline messaging environments through custom configurations and business logic to automate the flow of data. Hermes now offers FlightAware Foresight predictive ETAs, giving users an advanced and accurate view of all airline operations.

Meet Passenger Expectations

From your apps in passenger phones to the FIDs boards to the gate announcements, travelers expect a unified experience. FlightAware delivers on that expectation by cutting through the multiple, conflicting sources of information to provide a single source of truth that has become established as a central, accurate, and dependable data source for the aviation industry.

We even make it easy for airlines to test our data, including a free trial of Firehose, the streaming data feed for enterprise integrations.



Efficiency & A Sustainable Future

Finding the best source of aviation knowledge is proven to impact the bottom line. A smart financial decision is also the right decision for the future of the planet. Tighter turns and increased efficiency burn less revenue and reduce an airline's carbon footprint.


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